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Butterfly Releases

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Raise live caterpillars and watch them grow to become beautiful Painted Lady butterflies!

Add a Unique Touch to Your Wedding Ceremony

Butterfly Release Display Cage

Give Your Guests a Memory to Last a Lifetime

Individual, Personalized Butterfly Release Envelopes

Share a Special Moment With Your Bridal Party

Butterfly Release Boxes

Release Live Butterflies at Your Wedding

Butterflies bring that special touch of elegance that will make your wedding day unforgettable to all who attend. You can release them individually or all at once. Some choose individual butterfly releases by guests. Each guest is given an envelope containing a butterfly with the bride and groom’s name printed on it.

You also have the option of having each of your butterflies enclosed in a beautifully decorated release box or display cage. These containers also make a unique addition to your wedding day decorations. Just imagine, as you walk down the aisle you are greeted by live, beautiful butterflies in their release cages.

Should you choose not to release your butterflies at your reception, they also make incredible living centerpieces for each table.

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Beautiful bride with butterfly

Add a personalized inscription of the bride and grooms' names and wedding date to your release envelopes. No additional cost!

Create a Beautiful Moment

Couple releasing butterflies during ceremony

Imagine, for a moment, a couple newly joined in marriage, standing at the altar in front of all of their friends, family members, and loved ones. Instead of walking down the aisle after their first kiss as husband and wife, the bride opens a box, releasing dozens of beautiful butterflies into the air, where they soar above the crowd in celebration of rebirth and new life.

Butterfly releases have long been an amazing way to commemorate a special occasion, introducing nature’s beauty into an important moment. Unique and special, these releases provide a moving gesture to commemorate an event that your guests will remember forever. When you would like to add a unique touch to a celebration that’s dear to your heart, a butterfly release is the perfect way to make a special moment all the more so.

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Memorial Service Release Packages: Create a Touching Tribute

Memorial services provide an opportunity for close family and friends to celebrate the life of a loved one and to be there for one another. Saying goodbye for the last time to a loved one at a funeral or memorial service is incredibly emotional and is very hard to do. Create a touching tribute for a person you love through butterflies.

Releasing butterflies back into the natural world can create a beautiful, unique, and truly original way to add something special to a memorial service that you want to remember forever. Seen as a tribute to life, rebirth, and freedom, a butterfly release is an ideal way to make any important event into a moment you’ll never forget. Celebrate life and the beauty of nature, providing a touching tribute to the people you love in life, whether they are still with you or have moved on.

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