Butterfly Releases: Perfect for a Wide Range of Celebrations

Butterfly releases are most frequently seen at weddings, but they can be an excellent way to memorialize other special events throughout life.

Perfect for a Wide Range of Celebrations

Anniversaries, funerals and memorial services, baptisms and communions, and birthday celebrations can all be made unique and special with the addition of a butterfly release.

A recent customer, Lesa V, gave the following testimonial“The release was amazing. I purchased the butterflies to be released at the grave side burial service for my mother. It was a beautiful celebration and expression of life that everyone who attended absolutely loved. I know my mother loved it as well. We received so many complements. They helped to bring life in their send off to an otherwise extremely difficult day. Thank you for sharing them with our family.”

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Aid the Local Ecosystem

Farm-raised butterflies are able to function normally upon release, creating a beautiful and natural way to enhance the local population of butterflies and offer new life to a community. All of our butterflies or caterpillars, at Clearwater Butterfly, you receive have been raised on our butterfly farm in Central Florida. We’ve been supplying individuals and schools across the country with caterpillars and butterflies for over 35 years.

Considering a release for your next event? Create an inspiring and exceptional ceremony, a one of a kind birthday toast, or a memorable memorial service to pay tribute to the special person(s) in your life.

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