Planning a Florida Butterfly Wedding Release? Here’s What You Need To Know

When planning for your perfect wedding day, there seems to be a million things to do and remember. Sometimes, some small wedding day details tend to slip your mind. To help you not have a last-minute panic- here’s a few unique wedding day details to remember that will take your wedding to the next level!

We’ve prepared 6 tips for you, should you hope that your butterfly release will go off without a hitch:

Less Does NOT Equal More

The more butterflies you have, the greater the effect will be when you release them! Try to have at least one butterfly for every two guests that you plan to be in attendance. If you are having a mass release from a single butterfly box, but if you are passing round butterflies in individual boxes, try to have one for every guest so that everybody can take part in the release.

Place Your Order In Advance.

Make sure you place your butterfly order around two months before the wedding; especially if you are planning to order a large quantity. This will give your supplier time to raise enough butterflies to meet your needs. A reputable butterfly farmer can assist in guiding you through the process and answering any questions that you may have.

Keep Your Butterflies Safe!

Ask your chosen butterfly farmer how the butterflies will be packaged and shipped. Live butterflies should be packed in special, designed containers that keep them calm and comfortable, and prevent the butterflies from damaging their wings. They should have been fed prior to being packaged so they are in a resting state in their boxes.

Plan For an Early Release

Time your release for at least an hour prior to sunset so that the butterflies have plenty of time to find nectar and shelter before it gets dark. Ideally, butterflies should be released between 10am and an hour before sunset.

Watch the Weather Channel

Butterflies need to be released in reasonably warm temperatures (at least 16 degrees) so they can’t generally be released during the winter months. Fortunately for Florida residents, this is not usually a problem. Releasing butterflies during heavy rain is not advised.

Get the BEST Photo Opps!

While making your photographer choice, check whether they have shot a butterfly release before. Make sure they are ready to take pictures quickly when the butterflies are released, as they may settle on you,  or some of your guests before they fly away.

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